So… Hi!

After hours of trying to figure out how to change the blog’s appearance to my likings, I’m starting to write my first blog post. I think this is the hardest part in any project: the start. I want this to be perfect and I’m probably writing and rewriting this for hours before finally posting it. So here goes nothing.

I love books. I love reading. I think it’s obvious if you keep a book blog but I just wanted to state that. What kind of books you ask? Well, mostly romance but I love any good book I can get my hands on. Sci-fi, YA, fantasy, thriller, non-fiction, basically anything that has a good story. There are a lot of books that hold a special place in my heart and the list changes from time to time. But there are some hall of famers that will always stay, for instance, The Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter (of course), All the light we cannot see and The Deal by Elle Kennedy to name a few.

Other things I love beside books? Coca-cola (I’m slightly addicted, can’t live without it), Ben&Jerry’s Cookie Dough, stormy nights, cuddling under a blanket with a cup of tee and watching some of my favourite TV shows (Chicago Pd, Chicago Med, Supernatural!!, The Originals…). And ice hockey. One thing I’m known for among my friends is that I absolutely love ice hockey. Maybe I should rephrase: I love watching ice hockey. I can’t even skate myself, so I’m sitting safely at the bleachers. But my love for ice hockey may even over run my love for books. Well at least it’s a very close tie. So if you know any good hockey books, give me a shout!

I’ll try to post regularly but if you don’t hear from me I’m probably studying my ass off at the library trying to keep up with all the work required at my university, binge watching on Supernatural or sleeping because I’ve stayed up all night watching hockey. But I’ll try my best to keep everything running smoothly.

So stick around for my book reviews!


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