Review: Waking Olivia


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Author: Elizabeth O’Roark
Pages: 330
Published: March 14 2016

His father’s debt, a failing farm and a floundering track team. College coach Will Langstrom already has too many responsibilities, and the last thing he needs is Olivia, a beautiful new addition to his team with a bad attitude and a troubled past.
Abandoned and broken, Olivia trusts no one — especially not the cocky track coach the rest of the team adores. But when her past is revealed to Will, she discovers another side to him — one she could grow to love. Forced together by a secret no one else can know – and breaking university rules to do it – Will and Olivia’s connection deepens. As does an attraction that could cost them everything.

“They’re all looking at him like he’s Prince Charming and Christian Grey rolled into one.”
“The need for her was sharp, urgent, painful, unlike anything I’d ever felt. At that moment, there was nothing in the entire damn world I wanted more than her.” 


I had a big exam coming in the morning, I knew I should go to sleep but I just couldn’t stop, I couldn’t pry my eyes off the pages. My exam started at 10 a.m and I went to sleep at 3 a.m and it was totally worth it!

I loved both of the main characters and the chemistry between them was off the charts. Will is good looking and cocky but most of all he’s caring and kind. He loves his mother and hates letting people down, he is basically like the ultimate boyfriend. Olivia, on the other hand, is not kind nor caring. She has some major attitude problems and at first it ticked me off but it turns out it was covering something soft and sweet inside. I liked that we got to see how she grew and started letting people close.
O’Roark let their feelings grow and the characters got to know each other before jumping between the sheets and I really appreciated it. There were some really steamy scenes where you coud feel the sexual tension boiling and you were left just waiting for it to explode. It was all very natural and believable without being boring. And when the explosion finally happened… huh, it left me all sorts of hot and bothered.
Also the switching point of views really worked in this book. They added something to the story, letting us see it from the both sides, understanding both of the characters better. I liked that they both had such strong personas, that I could tell what was whose thoughts by not even looking at the chapter title. The dialogue was smooth as well and over all the language in the book was very good (or maybe my sleep deprived brain just couldn’t comprehend any mistakes).
One of the supporting characters, Jessica, bothered me a bit. The idea behind her was great and brought extra drama to the story but I think she was sometimes a bit over the top and not very believable character. Other than her, every character served a purpose and was important for shaping the story and it’s rare for these days to find a book with good supporting characters.

All in all, I liked both of the main characters, I liked that there was a real story that nicely supported the love story but was just as important for the heroine’s growth and I liked how naturally things happened. I think I’m going to add this to the books that hold a special place in my heart(I need to build a bigger buildcase in there, it’s getting kind of crowded!). I need to check out O’Roarke’s other books to see if they’re all this good. I’ll post reviews about them to let you guys know.

P.S The exam was awful and I don’t think I’ll pass the course, but like I said, it was worth it!



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